Beluga – Maastricht

It’s an impressive modern building, with a nice view over river Maas – Restaurant Beluga with no doubt is situated at a prime location in Maastricht.

Restaurant Beluga

Inside, it’s even more stylish with a bar in the front part and the spectacular spacious, hall-like dining area in the back. Many carefully selected design and art objects, this ist he benchmark of a modern Gourmet Temple which could be in any world metropolis – truly impressive but yet very welcoming…

Beluga Interior

Chef Hans van Wolde toured Limburg in his early years and perfected his cooking skills with Toine Hermsen in Maastricht. In recent years one expected him to catch with Jonnie Boer and Sergio Herman as the third three star chef in the Netherlands but couldn’t yet reach the highest laurels. We will see why…

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