World’s Best Restaurants 2009

The new list is out (thanks to Trine and Laurent for sniffing it out that early) – and, noma has climbed to no. 3 – a big congrats to the whole team. Moreover, it has been awarded the chef’s choice award. Clearly remarkable and in line with my recent report from an overall “experience” perspective. Geranium as a new entry at 77 confirms the excellent meal I had there in March (review to come)

Interestingly, Can Roca climbed to no 6 (up from 37). Maybe a little remedy for not getting the third star. My meal there was amongst the finest I ever had, and, from an innovativeness point of view amazing. It showed contemporary modern cusine without the big luxury ingredients in a truly amazing atmosphere.

Alinea has moved up to number 10 – rightly so. This is so special, and Grant continues to wow us with his new take on old classics…

I am very happy that the German restaurants get more and more attention and are climbing up: Schwarzwaldstube (now at 23), Vendome (now at 25), Tantris (at 44, I simply don’t understand that), Aqua (new at 57), Dieter Müller (at 76) and finally Amador (new at 80). Only Bau is missing in my opinion given my latest excellent meal there. In my humble opinion he deserves a place in the Top50.

Next up: Bau, Margaux, Tantris, Aqua… Stay tuned…



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  1. Like you, what pleases me most about this year’s list is the degree to which it matches my own limited but increasing experience. Noma, Can Roca and Alinea would be my choice for three totally outstanding restaurants.

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