Hidden Gems (II): Landgasthof zur Linde*

In a kind of re-booting after some serious sensoral overflow (due to massive high-end dining) I step-by-step acquainted myself to fine dining again by simple but nevertheless very good meals. By chance I recently ended around Tübingen and Reutlingen about 30 minutes south of Stuttgart. Wondering where to get some decent meals I stumbled over the Linde in Pliezhausen-Dörnach which I had been trying to eat before but never managed to. Still wondering why it too me that long to discover this little jewel.

The Restaurant

Inmidst of a residential area but good to reach from a solid motorway the Linde is one example of a most traditional Gasthaus – rather unspectacular from the outside:

From the Outside - a normal Gasthaus

From the Outside - a normal Gasthaus

… but the inside has been carefully renovated and reminded me a bit of the Adler in Rosenberg:


“We just took over the Linde and began to do what we had in mind – awards just came over time.” Irene Goldbach who had taken over the Linde together with her husband Andreas

The Menu

I opted for a “simple” four course fair which 




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