Looking Ahead (I): The Flemish Primitives

I am excited – lots of culinary delights are forthcoming this year. Planning for the first quarter is nearly finalized – although there are so many backlog posts from last year. Unfortunately, my time is rather limited recently – but I promise to report on my latest delights – France/Paris was the focus of last the second half of last year. Oh, and Belgium/NL. And some fine meals in Germany. And some very disappointing experiences as well. In places absolutely not expected…

Coming up – I am very much looking forward to attend a fantastic event – The Flemish Primitives. This convention – taking place the second time in Brugge on February 8 (see Laurent’s account on last year’s event) – wants to reinvigorate the spirit of the ‘Flemish Primitives’ of the 15th and 16th century, a movement of painters who got inspired from techniques from other art disciplines. In this sense this years focus is on fruitful collaboration of some of the best Flemish chefs and their guests with leading food research institutions. Back to the future of cooking – a very good motto I must say.

The interesting thing is that I like the modern Flemish cuisine because of both its authenticity rooted in local traditions and products and its modernity. So, we won’t see technology for technology’s sake – but I guess a modern and thoughtful enhancement of the regional spirit. Well, let’s wait and see. Can’t wait, actually…



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