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How do you call someone who is crazy about food and fine dining? Who travels the world to eat at some of the best restaurants in remote places? Who tries to understand the cooking of some of those brilliant chefs by amateurishly trying to replicate their recipes? Who wants to share his dining and cooking experiences with the likes of him?

Don’t know yet, but if I come up the right one I will let you know. In the meantime, I am open for suggestions…

About this Blog

Just another foodie blog? Yes and no…

First and foremost, this blog will have a little German bias as I live and eat a lot in this wonderful country. When talking to other food enthusiasts and reading/discussing regularly on Steve’s OAD forum and eGullet I have experienced that most of our community is not that familiar with the cooking of best chefs in a country having the second most three star restaurants (nine since 2007 just a little behind the French;-)). On the other hand, interest from abroad is rising (just see Julot’s nice posts and Trine’s review of Facil and Residence). So, I will try to share my thoughts about the best German restaurants in this blog… To make sure that my five cents will be understood in the foodie community, this blog will be in English.

On the other hand, I do travel quite a bit and most trips bring me to some remote places which tend to have some nice dining possibilities. So, I will write about my meals and try to propose some new venues and endorse some rising or established stars.

To be modest, I have a dream of a chef constantly trying to produce dishes with some level of quality. Better, he is striving to produce dishes which are unique, outstanding and blow the mind of the diner. The majority of posts will deal with restaurants who at least try to have this ambition. On the other hand, the preparation of a good Schnitzel (yes) or other “normal” dishes (Germans would call them “gutbürgerlich”) is also an art and I find it increasingly difficult to just have lunch or diner in a informal place without being utterly disappointed. So, I will write about Fine and Casual Dining experiences. High-End for me means some kind of reference in a specific class of restaurant. Moreover, as this blog evolves I hope to also include some high-end ingredients.

Some bloggers prefer not to post negative reviews. Hopefully, I will have only good ones, but in some instances, the uninformed needs to be warned. So, I will try to put out a Stop sign where necessary. Clearly, this is subjective, but however does not believe me can go and make his/her own experience. Some restaurants also do polarize a bit…

After all this nonsense, I hope that YOU will find this blog interesting, enjoyable, funny, thought-provoking. In the end, dining and food should be fun!

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