Jonnie Boer – Bravo!

In the web2.0 fine dining blogs and forums are much more up-to-date and in-depth than the usual gourmet guides and are truly complimentary to these. Some restaurants create more buzz (like noma) and some less (like Arzak) but almost any high-end restaurant is covered somehow. Among food bloggers worldwide it is some kind of sport to write about the usual suspects to give an update and personal account and to discover new places.

Much different for Jonnie and Thérèse Boer’s De Librije in Zwolle (NL). Although any foodie is aware that this restaurant carries three stars and offers both modern and interesting cuisine there is only an old report from Andy Hayler and a more recent very positive account by Lo Mejor (and the latter is not even a blog in the strictest sense). This maybe in part due to a seemingly remote location and the lack of agglomeration of fine dining places which make a good tour. Nevertheless, the booking situation is awesome – it is impossible to get a table without planning 6or 7 months ahead. This kept me from going so far…

Jonnie and Thérèse Boer (© Foto met dank aan De Librije)

Jonnie and Thérèse Boer (© Foto met dank aan De Librije)

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Oud Sluis – The Fascination Continues (July 2008)

Another visit at Oud Sluis – even with the danger to bore you a little with my love for Oud Sluis, our menu this year was mind-blowing again and needs to be shared. The overall level was more consistent along the different courses. There are not many restaurants in the world were you encounter outstanding and perfect dishes that often.

The very good news is that Sergio is still constantly working in the kitchen in his search of the ultimate flavor combination and not opening other restaurants or being seen on TV every day. Only his former house has been renovated to give the hungry some shelter in the new guesthouse Chico Y Luna – unfortunately we got to know this too late and had already decided to stay near the beach…

As the weather was brilliant we opted for having our Champagne on the terrace. We started with some nice appetizers. First crap crackers with an aioli dip in which the garlic did not dominate topped with some puffy rice which gave the combination another textural twist as normally encountered (and thus made it interesting)…

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Oud Sluis – A Must (July 2007)

To start with a double feature is quite some task. But I can’t write about my very recent visit at Oud Sluis without also giving some details about my first visit almost exactly one year ago (yes, you will find me in Knokke every year around July;-))

The Restaurant
Oud Sluis is a treasure in Sluis located in the south-west of the Netherlands on the border to Belgium, six kilometers from Knokke(-Het Zoute, one should add) and about 15 kilometers from Brugge. Sergio Herman’s grandfather once ran a simple restaurant and his parents served informal fish dishes. Since 1990 Sergio is in the kitchen, first supporting his parents before taking over three years later.

From the outside it is somehow unspectacular compared to other more pretentious three star restaurants. Every once in a while you can observe some strangely dressed tourists reading the menu just before the entrance (so part of the terrace), shaking their heads and immediately running away…

Oud Sluis

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